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Innovacion 2014 - Kolkata (West Bengal)

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Innovacion 2014
Technical Fests

Friday, 17th January 2014

Institute of Engineering and Management (Institutes)
Kolkata (West Bengal)
InnovaciĆ³n is the annual technological fest of Institute of Engineering and Management, organized in association with University of Engineering and Management. With the theme of Innovate-Enkindle-Motivate, the consortium of students and faculty of IEM present to you a carnival that celebrates technical prowess and out of the box thinking. It is our endeavour to challenge participants to think, ideate, innovate and push themselves to go that extra mile. It is a medium through which the youth can express their views, their creativity, their talent and their technological skills.
start date: Friday, 17th January 2014
end date: Saturday, 18th January 2014
registration date: Sunday, 5th January 2014
under: Institutes
event list:
I. Robotics:

1)X-Race (manual robot race)
2)Robofooties (manual robot football match)
3)Hell in a cell (manual robot wrestling)
4)Tracker (autonomous line-follower robot)
5)Gridmaster (autonomous grid follower robot)

II. Electronics:

6) Electrocuted (circuit-making)

III. Gaming:

7) Counter Strike
8) Need for speed
9) Fifa
IV. Coding Events:

10)Almost There (encrypted puzzles and riddles)
11) Bug Smash (C programming and debugging)

V. Activity Events:

12) Aperture (photography)
13) Innovare (model-making)
14) Scrapchamp (generation of useful products from scrap)

15) Quiz Crusade (general quiz)
16) Mathemagic (math puzzles and riddles)

VI. Workshops:

1. Android Application Development
2. Autonomous Robotics Workshop
3. Ethical Hacking

VII. International Robotics Exhibition
name: Not Available
email: query@iem-innovacion.com
number: 8017187656
how to reach:
Located at Salt lake sector- V ,College more.
For directions refer: http://goo.gl/maps/C0dzS
city: Kolkata
region: West Bengal
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