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Business Customer Handling (Product Ideas)

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Business Customer Handling
Business Customer Handling would be a mobile platform based app at customer end and mobile app & desktop application at customer care/business end. This app should solve two purposes. First to capture new customers or sales. Secondly to provide support. The first requirement mentioned won't be a sales platform but would be support portal where prospective customers through mobile app can ask queries about product and place order. An app like Whatsapp with a tough of business.

The app would have data of location i.e. country, state, city and area along with Business name and rating. Some business can be present irrespective of location. Users can enage in chat with a business and someone from business can reply. It is not necessarily important to have live chat. Users can rate a business. For the second part, same kind of chat could be used to provide support. App can be linked to support systems of business for data.
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idea list:
User register by mobile, name, email and username
Search Business
See Business details
Contact Business for Sales (Messaging)
Contact Business for Support (Messaging)
Sharing of Customer Data with Business
Meet other Customers of same Business
Hide Profile
Registration of Business
Verification of Business
Offers by Business Page

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