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about angineer

a portal, an information desk, a forum to discuss pre-engineering life aka aspirants, as engineering & diploma students and as an engineering alumni aka engineer

some cool features which angineer offers includes events, institutes, talks, jobs, employers, classifieds, books ,& more

it is a journey from a to e (aspirant to engineer)

so much for aspirants, students, engineers, everyone at labs

some have graduated and others are on a thought process

over 50 features

events & fests

overview of fest details with sub events, dates, URLs, event attendance and more

events from institutes, uiversities, employers

connected features

features are connected with other features to relate entities

like events are linked with institutes

talks & discussions

put your thoughts and discuss over various topics

like for events discuss on participation, sub-events, results

happiness amongst humans

hapi is happiness indicator for ratings given across various entities. some entities are associated with hapi and users can provide a rating on how happy they are from that entity

stay tuned to how happy our world is

car pool & lifts

Lifts is travel pool from/to work of place

share the cost. start creating free or paid lifts