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Events at angineer not only gives a platform to check details of fest but a platform to get involved with the event. Before listing various features which we provide for events@angineer, let us see what are some basic things required for an event.
1. A place where all information related to event is kept. This is generally your website where event information, contact, about, date time etc. will be displayed
2. A social presence which generally comes out to be Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is required where latest updates, images and videos can be shared. Facebook helps in spreading the word when someone likes your page and then his/her friends come to know as well about the event
3. A platform to discuss. Presence of a platform to provide in depth discussion, a question answer feature so that participants and other stakeholders stay involved
4. Know how many participants are coming

Now, how angineer takes up these tasks is somewhat interesting to know.

• Your website is the primary and accurate source of information. Providing important part of your event information at angineer helps site users to know about your fest. For a fest, list of events can be added with details. Reach to official website is limited only to people who know about it. With a presence on angineer, chances of visitors at angineer to know about your event will increase.
• On our Facebook page, we share many events. Out FB fans will get updates and there are good chances that they are interested in your event also
• Angineer provides a platform to discuss on various aspects related to a particular event. Like discuss on participation, results, event list, how to reach and more
• People who are interested in attending the fest can click on ‘I am attending’ button. Though it doesn’t give an exact estimate but somewhat a rough idea
• Making angineer as its partner increases chances of getting even more attention. Share exclusive details with angineer and we will showcase fest details, events list with detail, countdown timers, results and updates at distinct areas of angineer.com website.

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