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A thought came yesterday if future can be predicted in a way which I would be mentioning now. I am not a student of business intelligence or artificial intelligence and not sure on the current capabilities.

To predict future, a model should be designed, a real time model like a video game where human, resources, animals, plants and other things are replicated in a digital form. It would be like looking on Earth from sky and zooming in on any area.

This could be started with providing few units of each related resource at the start like multiple life forms, buildings, transport etc. Let the living forms be input with artificial intelligence so that they can behave and do their tasks. They are fed with actual life data they have lived on in real life.

What ever action they take in virtual world is compared with real world. Adjustments are done to virtual world data if actions are different. With time and data updates can a system (virtual world) be created which where entities will act and think like a real world? If this happens then virtual world could be fast forwarded i.e. speed of virtual world could be increased as compared to real world time and future can be seen.

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