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about angineer

angineer - an engineer. angineer.com is all about an engineer's life. Starting from being an aspirant, then an engineering student and finally an engineer. It is about resources required at various stages. Entrance exams, Coaching, admissions, results, institutes, events, projects, employers, jobs, startups, rent-a-house, buy-books, sell-books, tech-gadgets, discussions and more.

what does logo signify

angineer is an engineer. Logo shows three colors one each for aspirant, student and engineer. Pronunciation of engineer is almost similar as that of angineer. The starting letter a of angineer looks similar to e and forms e of engineer when roated by 180 degrees and turns back into a after rotating another 180 degrees. Thus, completing 360 degrees.

what is the idea behind angineer

To provide a platform for engineering aspirants, students and alumni to come togather and share, give and grasp.

when angineer came up

It was 2005, 19th August 2005 to be precise, when I came up with a web portal known as jecoms (launched on a free webhosting server) and later with the domain as jecoms.org (beta 1) (currently hosted at jecoms.kunals.com) for students at engineering college I was attending (at the time when no social networking sites were present or popular and I didn't have an idea on social networking sites and that I am creating a social networking site itself) where they can search each other, contact each other, send messages, contact faculty, search alumni and look for jobs from alumni. Various search options were provided to search users/students based on their name, branch, year of joining, year of passing out i.e. batch year, and most importantly nick name. Where nick name is popular among friends and people can search by nicknames or what they remember. Read more about history of angineer.

what are future plans?

To bring out new features which support better interaction among aspirants, students and alumni. Next version may include referrals, point system, book exchange (barter) and earn etc. Later it would be tying up with colleges and then coaching institutes. After that major changes to notes and search.

how planning is done?

Based on requirement and needs felt. An initial basic version of a feature is launched. The feature then evolves over time with need and usage based trend. The approach followed is found to be similar to Darwin's theory of evolution.

More Inside

  • National Game: Counter Strike
  • National Rodent: Mouse
  • National Insect: Bug
  • National Language: C
  • National Drink: Coffee
  • Mascot: looking out


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