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history of angineer

It was 2005, 19th August 2005 to be precise, when I came up with a web portal known as jecoms (launched on a free webhosting server) and later with the domain as jecoms.org (beta 1) (currently hosted at jecoms.kunals.com) for students at engineering college I was attending (at the time when no social networking sites were present or popular and I didn't have an idea on social networking sites and that I am creating a social networking site itself) where they can search each other, contact each other, send messages, contact faculty, search alumni and look for jobs from alumni. Various search options were provided to search users/students based on their name, branch, year of joining, year of passing out i.e. batch year, and most importantly nick name. Where nick name is popular among friends and people can search by nicknames or what they remember.

The thought was to make it popular at college level and then include other engineering colleges at university level, then colleges from the state and later all engineering colleges across India.

Later, after my engineering, the idea developed further. Idea came up somewhere during july 2007 (beta 2), when no major portals were present where aspirants, students and engineers could meetup and share. Name angineer was later considered to be better suited and was adopted in January 2009 (beta 3). This version of angineer was basically a discussion forum covering various topics starting from subjects, admissions, careers, branches, jobs etc. Later fests, institutes and buy/sell features were added as a blog (beta 4).

angineer.com was revamped in October 2013 (beta 5) with most of the features planned back in July 2007.
beta 5.2 where further changes to home page and new features like feeds, polls, waves, txtu have been added.
beta 5.3 tolet, journey, timeline, icards, hapi, mystory, networks, pals, pingu, quesans, changes to home page, referrals, tycoons added
beta 5.4 features enhancement for pals; addition of me2we, chatu and connections
beta 5.5 addition of basic maps for institutes (nearby institutes and institutes in a city)

angineer.com moved to beta 6 on 11th January, 2014 with addition of advert feature where users can create and display advertisements on portal.
beta 6.1 (feb. 2014) addition of alumni feature for Institutes. Institute attendance moved under alumni
beta 6.2 (feb. 2014) division of institutes as universities, coaching, schools. addition of scholarships, professions, startups.
beta 6.3 (7 mar. 2014) minor tweaks to category pages of various features. Addition of places, ideas. Events can be added for Institutes, Universities. Jobs can be added for Employers, Startups, Institutes, Universities, Coaching and Schools. Reports added where user can report, suggest changes to item data.
beta 6.4 (21 mar. 2014) site pagespeed enhanced. removed some links from header navigation. sitemap page link display changed. books association with exams, subjects. coaching association with exams, subjects, courses, programs. users association with startups (founders), events (co-ordinators). alumni to school. alumni & attendance to coaching. event page look changed with primary information highlighted.
beta 6.5 (30 mar. 2014) added some earlier removed links to header navigation. more associations created. association with authentication added. association check added. New feature Tags added. Tag association added.
beta 6.6 (1 apr. 2014) Tolet associations added with institutes, universities, schools, coaching, startups, employers
beta 6.7 (3 apr. 2014) facilities feature added
beta 6.8 (21 apr. 2014) deals, publications added
beta 6.9 (3 jun. 2014) complaints, puzzles added as talks categories; news section reorganised in talks

angineer.com moved to beta 7 on 8th June, 2014 with addition of tasks feature where users can create tasks they do and other users order for them
beta 7.1 (26 jun. 2014) addition of marryfieds feature where online newspaper kind of marriage classifieds can be published.
beta 7.2 (3 jul. 2014) marryfied modified. marryfied paper added
beta 7.3 (3 jul. 2014) jobs modified: jobs paper, job seeker, job show interest, job publisher interest check
beta 7.4 (18 jul. 2014) tolet modified: more options in add form added.
beta 7.5 (31 jul. 2014) Changes in Tolet (tolet home, tolet paper, quick tolet add), history and team page created (out from about page).
beta 7.6 (2 aug. 2014) internships added
beta 7.7 (7 aug. 2014) lifts added
beta 7.8 (9 aug. 2014) movies added
beta 7.9 (10 aug. 2014) persons added. add persons to movies, books. associate persons with users, person to person relationship.
beta 7.10 (13 aug. 2014) feature FAQs added to features. Feature Items modified.
beta 7.11 (7 sep. 2014) lists added.
beta 7.12 (19 sep. 2014) Timeline modified.
beta 7.13 (21 oct. 2014) Intro page added. Features specified for users.
beta 7.14 (23 oct. 2014) bookmarks added. events main page, events new page modified.