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I am Mr. Nakku your guide here. There are so many things out here which will interest you. You can take a tour here demo.


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Every famous place has a story and I, your guide will tell this to you.

Once upon a time there was a school going kid in a junior school in class 2. With those long boring lectures some difficult questions were often asked. What you want to become? The expected answers were doctor, engineer and teacher. Were the answers truth or they were just answers was never clear as you have to say something or every one else will say you don't have an aim when you were just 7. This is career guidance which the teacher should have given first and prepared those little kids and then asked such questions. Career guidance is good to have at an age when it is required and when a school kid is going for higher classes or graduation.

After making up the mind to go for the engineering stream and b.tech program the kid started searching for coaching and attaining good marks in school board to get scholarships. With various options search finally ended with different coaching centers for different subjects. Lots of books were being referred and studied. Notes were prepared and shared with pals. He prepared for some of entrance exams and appeared for them. He waited for the results. After results came it was the time for admissions. The search started for institutes and universities across various regions and some lists of top institutes were referred. Location of various institutes were checked on maps. Notifications and updates from various institutes on admissions were eagerly waited.

After shortlisting institutes it was time for counselling. There were various options for courses. Details on them were searched and matched with interests to shortlist a few. After getting the desired institute and course it was time to enjoy the college life.

It starts with getting a place in hostel or a rented accomodation or pg (paying guest) which can be done by browsing through classifieds. Then making your first day at campus and buy books (old & new). Make new pals, eat out at dhabas (skipping boring same stuff at hostel), attend lectures and maintain tough to maintain attendance, participate in events, organise events, plan trips and go on long journies and visit popular places. Carry icards everyday to prove your identity everytime you move in and out of campus. With each passing year classifieds ads are posted to sell old books and search for next ones.

During college life it always fascinating to do some thing new, innovative and earn while you learn. Come up with new ideas and talk about it with everyone faculty and friends. Over the time spent in college it is about projects as well. These have to completed and require sincere efforts. You have questions and need answers and support from faculty and experts. Project reports have be prepared and you need printers, binders and other service providers for your day to day needs. New products get launch every now and then. Students love to explore them and geekify them. Students with common interests form groups to spend time togather, party, study, research, gossips, news and have fun. Many occassions come and go. You feel happy and sad and share them with others. You share updates with your friends and follow your friends and people. You tease , miss call, text, ping and remember them when you are on vacations. Many times you are in dilemma and ask a Poll question to get better insight and a direction. Living in hostel and out are both fun. When you want to live outside campus you search for rented accomodation and tolet boards.

With so much activity during graduation you participate in many things become promoter, marketer, advertiser and ambassador (tycoon) of some. When you feel alone you want a partner in life. You search for friends, people with similar interests and become from me to we. You like to do some social service and listen to pukaars or people in need. You participate in various contests and make connections and increase your network. You start writing and write posts quite often. You often see what has happened in your life till now. What events happened in the past and what highlights on your timeline. You learn languages. You read daily feeds on what is happening around you, your college, university and other colleges. You tag up things to give them meaning.

Over the years of study it was time to go for next change in life from a student to a professional. The time for placements and grab a hot job. But before that it was about skills and interests which will decide the profession. After graduation you get the degree and become an alumni. You share jobs, opportunities and experiences to your juniors and refer them. After few years search for another job and another employer with new developed skills. After some more years of work-experience go with your own startup.

and then share the story of your life and experiences with others.

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